Nylon Español flower story

· Model Stuff
I am so excited to show you all my new editorial cover story for Nylon Español. This was shot in New York in September 2019 with an amazing team: Photographer: Matthew Schaeffer Production + Art Direction: GRP worldgroup  Fashion Stylist: Davis Carrasquillo NYC ...read more

What to do at home during corona virus

· This Way
We are going through the most insane and unpredictable times of our lives! Everything now is about Corona Virus and how we can survive this World Wide pandemic. Thousands of people have already died and the only thing the countries ...read more

Mara Hoffman Swim 2020 Campaign

· Model Stuff
I am so proud to show you another campaign I did. In August 2019 we shot Mara Hoffman’s Swim 2020 campaign. The location was one hour from New York City on a beach close to Brooklyn.  Mara Hoffman is a unique ...read more

Boozt sports campaign spring 2020

· Model Stuff
Spot me as the model for the Boozt.com sports campaign for spring 2020. I am so excited to share this as I love sports and can finally use my skills on a photoshoot. The campaign was photographed in Copenhagen ...read more

Meet Chili

· This Way
Hi guys! I have some big news to share. As you can see on my pictures here and you might already have seen it on my instagram, I got a puppy! My boyfriend and I adopted a dog together. This ...read more

Back home in Paris

· World Traveller
I am so happy to be back home in Paris working my ass off with my travel brand, This Way. I’m working on developing new products, signing with new cool retailers around the world and working on my next charity ...read more

Sunset in Koh Mook

· Map · This Way · World Traveller
I had the Koh Mook is a tiny little island that you really have to zoom in on the map in order to find it. It is located in Andaman sea and is close to southern mainland part of Thailand. ...read more