Han Kjøbenhavn CPHFW

This Way goes to Copenhagen Fashion Week


Han Kjøbenhavn hosted their fashion show at the national museum in Copenhagen. The fashion show took place in a dark room with low ligthening. I went to see the show together with my co-worker at Stylista, Mathilde Storm. 

Close to the walls was male models standing in an open cage with masks covering their face. They looked like they were going to space.

When the show began loud music where playing while male models entered the catwalk who where towed to a VERY muscular man (only wearing panties) on a bike. Throughout the whole show a man was cycling through the catwalk with the male models, one at the time. Just at the finale all models walked the catwalk together with the designers and founders of Han Kjøbenhavn, Jannik Wikkelsø Davidsen og Tim Faith Hancock. 


Hope you get the dark vibes of the fashion show through my snaps below. 


han kjøbenhavn




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