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Casual Monday – Sweats

This Casual Monday is about sweats and more precisely, sweats for the ones with longer arms than regular people. I have a lot of tall friends who always complain about the difficulties when finding a sweather. So this week’s collection of Casual Monday is dedicated to people having trouble findind sweathers – I have made a collection of sweathers with long sleeves. Well I also like wearing long sleeves even though they are too long but the intention is to satisfy girls wanting a...

Half Marathon CPH

This Way completed a half marathon OMG!! I did it. I ran my first half marathon ever. I have been training for the half marathon but haven’t really thought it would be this tough. I have quite bad knees so I really had to take care of them. And already after 7 km I could feel my right knee started hurting a bit. But I kept running. And after 12 km also my left knee started making signs that it...

My Favorites of Adidas X Topshop

I love the collaboration Adidas and Topshop have made. Below are my favorite five items from the collection – great colours and prints!         Be sporty and fashionable xx 

At Samsung

This Way meets Samsung This week I went to visit Samsung at their press event in Copenhagen. Here there were invited different architects and the head of innovation design from Samsung to speak up about their visions and ideas.  Technology is becoming more and more personalized. Consumers are dependant on technology’s effectiveness in their daily-life.  Samsung presented differet ideas on how technology will become more human intelligent… Very exciting how this will be reflected in their unreveiled products.   Below are some pictures from my visit. ...

Visiting River And Raven

This Way visits River And Raven River And Raven is an online company concerning about company ethics; sustainability, CSR, etc. River And Raven is founded by the lovely, Regitze Bay who cares about the environment and supports only brands who is aligned with same values. I absolutely adore her organizational objectives and went to visit her to hear more about it.    Below are pictures from my visit – click on the pictures for more info about the products // First picture are fairtrade striped sweaters...
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