Sexy Saturday from London

Sexy Saturday made from London

All the way from London to whereever you are located in the world reading this Sexy Saturday post. This week Sexy Saturday is inspired by some of my favorite items in my closet. First, sexy sandals heels for a lovely spring evening. Further a boheme dress is my all time favorite item. I have too many of them in my closet (and it doesn’t stop me from buying more). If you don’t feel like a dress, a short skirt is a great alternative. Now to my favorite, is the Christian Louboutin leopard bag, which I have in a bigger size than the one in the picture. I bought it one and a half year ago in the Christian Louboutin shop i Copenhagen. They only received one – and I was the lucky one!Finally, some colors on your lips is highly important for me when going out – even more than mascara. I have the Yves Saint Laurent lipstick gloss – and it is amazing. It get’s dry on your lips so the color stays on the whole night. (highly recommendation).


Hope you enjoy my findings for this week’s Sexy Saturday.






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Have a Sexy Saturday – I will go leopard tonight!




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