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This Way is getting ready for half-marathon

I am counting down for the half marathon I am running on Saturday the 29th of March in Copenhagen….. ohh – it is in three days!!! 

I am very excited and also quite nervous. I haver never run more than 14K so it is going to be quite a challenge. When running I do short distances with high speed. So running long distances is a hard challenge for me. BUT I am very determined on completing it – but I have to be a bit careful with my knees. I have found out that they are not made for running. I really need to take care of them and very important, are finding right shoes. They need to have a lot of support in order for me to not hurt my knees. But I know it is very individual to find most suitable running shoes. 

I made a selection with training shoes – some of them er not the most applicable running shoe – but they look good and are suitable for regular training (cross-fitt, strengthening exercises, etc.) 


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Find good sporty shoes – and feel better when training


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