Leaving paradise

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This Way in St. Marteens airport waiting for the next flight I have a few hours of layover in St. Marteens airport before flying to Copenhagen, which means another layover in Amsterdam. St. Barths has the world’s shortest runway meaning only very small planes can land ...read more

More of St. Barths

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This Way in St. Barths We are leaving St. Barths later today. I woke up very early to catch some morning sun and enjoy a long and nice breakfast before heading back to Denmark. I have had the most perfect and romantic vacation ...read more

Nikki Beach – St. Barths

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This Way goes to Nikki Beach in St. Barths  Today’s lunch was a the well know Nikki Beach. Nikki Beach is a restaurant chain only placed in the world’s party hot spots; Miami, St. Tropez, etc. The restaurant is a party venue were loud funky music and waiters ...read more


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This Way’s last day in the Caribbean  Unfortunately it is mt the last day in wonderful St. Barths. Today we are heading down to Saline beach for a an hour of swimming and tanning before lunch. The island has so many incredible beaches and pleaces to explore. I ...read more

Quad Bike

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This Way cruising on quad bikes in St. Barths Our transportation around the island are mostly quad bikes. We are cruising around the island on quad bikes to beaches, restaurants, gym, etc. My first time driving quad bikes happened on St. Barths.    I am feeling very fierce on ...read more

Jeg har burg for din hjælp

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HJÆÆÆÆÆLP!!! Jeg er læser på tredje år på Copenhagen Business School og er i gang med at skrive min bachelor opgave, som skal afleveres om en måned. Til denne opgave skal jeg blandt andet lave en forbruger analyse og vil derfor bede om ...read more

Hotel Eden Rock St. Barths

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This Way is still in St. Barths…. (and never wants to leave) Good morning! Today is a new day and I am still in paradise.. We are staying at the Hotel Eden Rock and it is absolute incredible. The hotel has named all their room ...read more

Sexy Saturday

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This Way’s Sexy Saturday This week is an inspiration to the chic fashionista who put together simple items to look fabulous – like myself!  I like to mix basic items like a black dress, or simple sandals.. Something I can wear multiple times ...read more

Friday Night

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This Way in St. Barths It’s Friday night and I am getting ready for another night out with dinner, drinks and dancing. I have finally got some tan and feel sexier when pulling on an outfit.  //Tonight I am wearing Gina Tricot top, white Each x ...read more

Hotel – Isle de France

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This Way in St. Barths Today’s lunch was at the posh hotel Isle De France which is located in Flammands. The hotel is decorated in all white and blue; the beach houses, pillows, etc. The decoration creates a cosy and luxurious summer house vibe. The five ...read more