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I believe it is very important to take care of myself including my skin. I grew up with a mother who is a beautician so I was taught in an early age about the imporatncy of protecting my skin. I have tried many many different product due to testing a lot of the new products my mother got. Also I have had a quite bad skin when I was a teenager. It really bothered me having impure skin. I found out that my skin is very senstive and I cannot have a lot of chemicals so I have to use more clean products and I always find them more expensive too. But it is definately worth it. I don’t believe that we have to comprimise on skin products. 

So I made a selection of some of my favorite skin/beauty products together with some new products I can’t wait to try!


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// Collagen Mask from Cica Med from  Helsemin is a certified ecological mask. I have used it for the last month. I apply it in the evening after having cleaing my skin with my cleanser and putting night cream in my face. Then I apply the Collagen Mask on my neck and on the T-zone (forehead down to the chin.) The texture of the mask is gel and very smooth. I do not rinse the mask off I just sleep with it. // Pai – is also organic skin care is a London, UK based company. The three PAI skin products are newest members in my bathroom. I am very excited to try them out. I have two day creams so I can try which one my skin likes the most. One is with Jojoba & Avocado and is suppose to give a lot of hydration. The other one is with Chamomile and Rosehip and should be suitable for sensitive skin. I feel that I have both sensitive and occasionally dry skin. So maybe a blend of the two is best? Let’s see. I will give it a try. Further is an exfoliator, which is a scrub to the face skin. Very excited to try out the products.  

//Lotus Mascara from Helsemin  is a great ecological mascara. It is very easy to apply to the eyelashes and very easy clean again when cleaning your face from make-up. Many mascaras are so difficult to take off. It usually result in my eyes getting red. But not with the Lotus Mascara! 


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// I love nail polish from Sephora which also make the incredible “Express drying” (To the right). The nail polish is a good small size that is easy to have when travelling. And the red colour is my favorite! 

// Sally Hansen – complete salon manicure also makes good nail polishes. And I love this peach colour for spring/summer time. 

// Taking about nails and especially feets, Exuviances heel repair is amazing for damaged feet. Or just for all feets that gets sweaty in shoes, walks, runs etc. The heel repair is really smoothening my feets. I also apply it for dry spots on my skin.

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My lips are always very dry. I am totally addicted with lip balms and have tried out thousands of different lip balms. I believe I have at least two lip balms in every back. And as I am writitn this post I am sitting at my dinning table where I can see three lip balms lying on the table. That is what I mean – I have them all over – in case I need one! One of my favorite lip balms is SASÉ’s lip balm. It consist of both almond and macadamian seed oil. I have just finished this lip balm and have to buy a new one. What is your ultimate favorite beauty product?





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