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We are soon moving into summer. The weather is getting better and better and likewise is my smile. The sun is shinning and the grey weather will (hopefully) not come back until the summer is over. I every season I get addicted to a new fashion colour. This season I find interest in the light blue colour. I have just recently discovered my light blue bag in my closet, which is three years old. When I found my bag I realized how amazing the light blue colour is, which is something I would not have said last year. Colours are attached to mood and feelings. That reasons why we can change opinions about colours and why we want to wear a certain colour on a certain day. The mood and feelings that I am currenly possesing are gathered in the light blue colour. Light blue gives a fresh appealing while being soft. The light blue colour is amazing for both dresses, swimsuits, and accessories. I have chosento focus on one brand and their light blue items that I love for this season. The cool and casual brand Esprit has created a spring/summer 14 collection that combines the sailor-look and beach style in a lady-like way.  

I have created a selection of my favorite light blue items from Esprit – get ready for the summer in a light blue way!


 Esprit, light blue, espadrilles, belt, bikini, dress, online shopping,

// Belt – a cool and casual belt, perfect for a white shirt and shorts-outfit. 

// Bikini top – inspired by the boat look

//Dress – the perfect summerdress for a summer night out with heels and fruity cocktails

// Espadrilles – comfortable and cute espadrilles as a good substitue to sandals. 

 esprit, light blue, espadrilles, belt, bikini, dress, online shopping,

// Bag – city printed bag with palms to reflect the summer mode on a bag – love it!

// Shirt – casual and easy wearable shirt. Perfect for summer lunches or going to the beach. 

 esprit, light blue, espadrilles, belt, bikini, dress, online shopping,

// Bikini – this sailor bikini is so cute and still sexy in the same time.


Get inspired by Esprit light blue items – so you can be ready for summer!



Light blue – it is!





  1. 17. July 2015

    You are a very clever individual!

    • 17. July 2015

      That is very kind of you to comment. Thanks very much and stay tuned on my blog if you’d like. Have a lovely summer!

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