Working/- Out in London

· Sporty Spice
This Way in London London is a very funky and cosmopolitan city. The city is so massive so I have no clue how I get to places without making use of googlemaps on my Iphone. After being here for two weeks, and more


· Random
So sorry for my absent. The past ten days has been a rollercoaster with too many loops. And now I am hopefully back. So first of all I have moved to the cosmopolitan city, London for the month of June because more

Leaving Berlin – Next London

· World Traveller
This Way is leaving Berlin to start internship in London Auuuch… I am a bit sore in my legs from yesterday’s running race. But but but… I am now drinking coffee and eating late breakfast with my friends before flying to more

Kissing the Race in Berlin

· Sporty Spice
This Way in Berlin Berlin Berlin Berlin… I have arrived to the creative and hip city Berlin. I was excitedt to see my lovely friends and just hang out and relax with them. Another thing I was excited about was running more