Enjoying NICE

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This Way in Nice So we have arrived to Nice and have walked around in the big city. My impression of Nice is that it is very cultural and a “real” city to live in comparison to the neighbor city Cannes. To ...read more

Sailing to Nice

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This Way heading to Nice   The last stop of this vacation is a stop-over at the French city, Nice. It is my first time visiting the city so I am excited to see what it contributes. Now we are enjoyingt he last ...read more

Pan Dei Palace – St. Tropez

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This Way in St. Tropez at Pan Dei Palace Good morning!  I wake up to another fantastic summer day in St. Tropez whre I stay at the Pan Dei Palace. The hotel is an amazing Aisian meeting marrocan design with gold, wood and ...read more

Sailing to St. Tropez

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This Way sailing to St. Tropez I am currently spending vacation time in South of France. The vacation with consist of speed, exploration, french cuisine and rosé – no more is needed. Just plain relaxation, or at least, that is what I ...read more

Personality bikini

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This Way’s bikini boutique Have you find your proper bikini for this summer? It is not too late… I have made a selection of cool and colourful bikinis. A bikini is a statement while going to the beach or simply tanning outdoor. That ...read more

Shop the look for St. Tropez

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This Way is going to South of France   Tomorrow I am going to the South of France, more precisely St. Tropez to enjoy some vacation and relaxation. I can’t wait!!!!! I am now home packing my suitcase for the holiday in the south ...read more

AT KCD worldwide

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This Way working at KCD worldwide   I have been working the month of June at the world’s leading PR agency, KCD worldwide. I have put a lot of energy and soul into my work because I hope to see a future in this ...read more