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Surf Surf Surfing

This Way is surfing in Biarritz I am still on the French Basque coast in chill surf paradise, Biarritz. Everyday is a new adventure in the ocean with a board chained to my left ankle. I am enjoying every minute in the water progressing my surf skills while constantly laughing with my dear friend, Chloe. After days of surfing my arms are sore and I have got scars on my stomach and thighs BUT it doesn’t stop me from surfing. The more practise the better...


Headspace Take 10 minutes a day to relax, unwind and meditate with the Headspace app. Users are taught how to de-stress and clear the mind each day with both guided and unguided meditations to help achieve a healthier state of mind. Namaste.

Sexy Saturday Panties

This Way’s Sexy Saturday Panties   This week’s Sexy Saturday is dedicated to underwear and more precisely panties. Considering my own closet I have find a lot more panties than bras. Weird. I try to wear matching panties and bra everyday even though it is not every day it happens. My favorite underwear brands are Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein, Agent Provocateur and La Perla. I think they all have sensual lingerie in high quality. I made a selection of this seasons sexy underwear from my...

Gotta Love Custommade

This Way celebrates Custommade     Congratulations to one of my favorite Danish fashion brands, Custommade for winning “Den Gyldne Knappenål”/The Brand of the year” which was hosted by the Danish magazine, Alt For Damerne. The people behind Custommade have truely deserved the award including the recognition in the fashion world it will get. The brand has exisited for 12 years and are only getting stronger with time. Watch out for Custommade!!!   Below is a picture from my last visit...

Fitness Body Like Candice

This Way finds sporty outfits for you Who doesn’t want to look like Candice Swanepoel? She always looks smashingly beautiful and I bet her personality is too! She is a role model to many (including me). To me, she is unique because she can both wear boheme clothes, smile naturally, walk in nature as well as look fearless and sexy as a Victoria’s Secret angel and on the picture below from Harper’s Bazaar US. Candice and I have one thing...
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