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A lot of amazing opportunities are given to me and I feel the need to share but beforehand I need to tell my story behind getting to where I am now.

My passion for fashion is something I am born with because neither my parents or anyone in my family are in the fashion industry. Somehow I got the curiosity and inspiration with fashion but I did not really know how to get into the fashion industry.

I remember when I was in elementary school my big dream was to be a fashion designer and that changed in high school where my dream then was to work at a fashion magazine. Dreams changes but I find it important to follow the dreams to a certain point even though it does not stick forever. A dream is to be regarded as a guideline in life.

Further did my job as a model get me into the fashion industry, which gave me a great insight of how the fashion industry works. Though I still wanted to learn more about fashion and find my own position in it. The best way to find your very own position is to try different companies as well as job positions.

Further are some universities very involved with the fashion industry which was the reason why I started taken courses at London College of Fashion. I took courses in both Fashion Business as well as Fashion Social Media. After these courses I learned that I am more interested in the business and marketing aspect instead of the design and creative part. Furthermore did I get very keen on the digital medias, which is the foundation for me having a digital universe.

So one step follows another which gets you further to where you want to be in life. And yes, I am very ambitious and have more ambitions and expectations to myself than anybody else has to me but I appreciate the small accomplishments I get in life, which makes me want to go even further.

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The reason why I am writing this post is because I have learned (and yes, I am a person who thinks a lot) that it is OKAY to dream and say your dreams out loud. And it is even more OKAY to transform the dreams into goals in life. The more you say it – the more it is likely to happen… It’s the “law of attraction.”

I have been very lucky to get the opportunity to to an internship at KCD worldwide this summer. I remember before getting started I said to myself “If I work hard and show them that they need me they will want me back.” This dream came true and I have now been working full time for the past two months at the world’s leading fashion PR agency. It has been my dream for the last couple of years to work in pr and to either work for a high luxury fashion house or to work for a pr company – BUT not a random company. I have always been very selective with jobs as well as other things in life. To work for KCD is truly a dream and more exciting is that they have asked me to stay longer than supposed.


Dreams CAN come true but you have to believe in them yourself!




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