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Sexy Saturday from London

    This Saturday will be spent with my amazing friend, Melissa. The beautiful blonde Dane who moved to London. She followed her heart and instincts and is now in the manager of the cool members-only club, The Arts Club. She is positive-minded, her heart in the right place, and absolutely fantastic to spend time with! Above, we are flash in our Sexy Saturday night outfit outside the restaurant, Peyote.   Below is my wishes for the upcoming Saturday…. [show_shopthepost_widget id=”397354″]...

Go Crazy at Munthe sample sale

The Danish fashion brand, Munthe are having a sample sale this week and you are invited! The designer Naja Munthe is inspired by all her travels, especially the Spanish island, Ibiza is one of her inspiration sources. Her clothes are full of unit prints with elegant silhouettes. I love the Munthe-style. Below I am wearing a cool easy black dress while vacationing in the Caribbean.       Go crazy at Munthe sample Sale!!   xx  

100 Great Danes

A book with “100 Great Danes” will be launched today! 100 women have been taking nude photos across the whole world. I am one of the 100 woman and got my pictures taking three years ago in my mothers home country, Israel. My pictures are shot in an apartment in Tel Aviv. Bjarke Johansen is the founder behind the book and also the photographer. The book features various woman with various professions and personality.   The book can be bought...

Tel Aviva

 More of Tel Aviv  Spending time with family, friends, constantly eating, and walking around in the lovely Tel Aviv is amazing. Tel Aviv is a cultural city with lots of activities to do; sport wide, museums, theaters etc. The food is outstanding, which I know is not the the first time I am mentioning it but I can not overstate it. The Tel Aviv vibe is authentic and outgoing. I always starts chatting with random people, which is a part...

Sunday Sweaters

  Starting from November and for the following months will I be living in my sweaters. I made Sunday selection of different colors, fabric and prices of sweaters. [show_boutique_widget id=”189410″]   xx Julie   Brrr…. It’s cold in here   REMEMBER TO FOLLOW AND LIKE ON        
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