Victoria’s Secret countdown

I cannot express how excited I am to be a part of this year’s Victoria’s Secret huge fashion show. When working with guest list, dressing, production and administrative tasks I remind myself all the time about how insane this is to me.

Since I was a little girl and I watched the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show or saw pictures of the “Angels” I was speechless. It was an absolutely dream to be a part of Victoria’s Secret. I remember asking my mother to buy me some underwear when she when to the States – just because I was so amazed of everything about VS. After my mother came back with five pair of colorful hipster I became the proudest little girl. I got the Victoria’s Secret underwear. And that was my dream at that time. To be able to wear it. The dream has since dynamically changed with my age BUT I still have (had) the dream of seeing the VS fashion show or becoming their next Angel. Well, we cannot have everything so being able to work on the show and having an influential part in the production and PR is something I am very proud of.


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In less than two weeks will the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show kick off in London!!!



From an unannounced Angel


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