Wishes and Happy New Year

What a year was 2014? So many fantastic things have happened as well as tuff and energy-sucking things have occurred. Good and bad. Fantastic and horrible. Up and down. One of my fantastic journeys was my establishment of my blog which is not almost a year old and I feel grateful for all my support.

Every day is a new day and we can try to push the good things to happen – to stay focus on a positive mind set. This can be very tuff but for me, that is what I try the most. I want to focus on all the great positive things which are happening and also fight for them to happen. It is a waist of time to use energy on negativity and bad influence – choose your fights.

Enough about the philosophical perspective. In terms of wishes and goals for the new year I have decided to give up my apartment in Copenhagen, which I loved very much. I have for the past four years had the most cosy copenhagen-oldfashioned apartment in the heart of Copenhagen. It is time to move abroad and follow my goals and have therefor decided to give up my beloved apartment. It is a waste of energy and guilt not to be in the apartment. I tried to calculate while looking in my calendar and figured out that I have not actually been living in the apartment for the past 18 months. I travel a lot with work and pleasure and when I “visit” Copenhagen I stay at my boyfriend’s place. As rational as I am I could not figure out how an apartment in Copenhagen makes sense for me and my life. From today on and in the year of 2015 I have decided to give it all I got in the fashion industry worldwide, starting in the UK capital, London. London is a good start since I have been living there on and off since May and I fell more and more in love with the buzz of the city. I will work hard and see where I get in the fashion industry in London and I already have some exciting news which I cannot reveal yet.

My wish in 2015 is to be favored by fortune while getting around in the whole wide world.


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I wish you all a Happy New Year and let 2015 be at least as rich and exciting as the previous. Remember, there is no perfection only progression.





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