Early Surfing


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When I woke up today at 6:30AM I was definitely not ready for anything. I am a B-person, not that I am proud about that. Every night before I go to bed I tell myself that “tomorrow when I wake up I will be energetic and fresh” but it rarely happen. So for me to get up early in the morning requires a lot of strength and willpower. Like for example today. I woke up way to early and was not in the mood for anything but as soon as I got my espresso and got dressed in my surfing outfit and drove on a quad bike to the beach, Toiny I woke up. When arriving at the beach and meeting the surf trainer, David we got into the water even though the weather was not sunny due to the sun was not up yet (which is a good reason for me also not to be up). BUT when getting into the water and paddling out to the waves I got heated in my body. After having taken the first wave like a pro in my eyes I was totally awake and I felt like on top up the world. I got so excited while surfing which was a combination of my lucky day when being able to take almost all the waves and by the fact that I am leaving St. Barth tonight so this was my last surfing. I had to enjoy it as much as possible because who knows how long there will go before I get the chance to hit the ocean with a surf board.


Wake up early for surfing


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