Did you made the sale?

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Have you made the sale this year? Or have there been too many people in queue for the fitting room, or were you not aggressive enough to rip the clothes of the rags before the other hungry women around you did, or did the woman in front you just take the last pair of shies in your size… Well, I know the feeling. Let me help you.

Everything somebody yields “Sale”, I think, “finally time to get economic and buy the things I want for a cheaper price.” That is just quite not the reality, at least for me. Therefore I have learnt to get inspired when a new collection arrives. I might even try a lot of clothes on just to see how it looks on me. Then I think about the items that I REALLY liked and then I save up for the ones I “CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT.”  Many times I have tried items abroad and suddenly I am in a country where they do not have the store where I can buy them in and what do I do, I buy them online. I have learned to lone online shopping because it is easy and the service is great and they even wrap it nicely in for you, so it is like a nice present. Therefore I have made a selection of some cool fashionable january sale items which are reduced in price so you see and you rank account feel the different.


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If you want to browse for more items on sale, here are my three  favorite sites for online shopping:






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