Burn me again

For the past six weeks I have been followed my personal trainer, Cecilie Blaksted‘s training program. I have exercised four times a week. It was damn hard and I was sweating like I have not seen me before. I could see that throughout the six weeks I have progressed in pace while running. Also after the two weeks, which was really hard for me because I had to get use to the names of the exercises as well as know the order and most importantly – my body should get use to the workout. On the third week it was easier for me to run in a fast pace on the running machine as well as doing the strengthening exercises correct.

Concerning about my body, I can see that I have got a more toned and firm butt (which I really like!) and my arms are more shaped and sculptured (no grandmother fat when waving). My intention was not to loose weight but just to be more toned. My appetite increased as my body needed energy to perform, so I basically ate what I was craving. I usually eat healthy, meaning lots of good proteins from fish, meat and lots of vegetables and fresh juices. I do not cut of carbohydrates because I cannot live without bread. I love bread!! and butter!! And then I have and addiction to chocolate and cake (and chocolate cake is of course the best). I allow myself to eat whatever I want and after working out it is the best feeling! – the body deserves it.
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My last workout in week 6:

Exercise: Barbell squats

Wearing: Stella Sport x Adidas shoes and top and Gina Tricot Active shorts.


Dj spinning at the Gymbox in London – how amazing is this gym?!


Are you going to train with me in my next workout?


Let’s burn together



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