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I believe in caring for the body both mentally and physically. When working with my body I constantly need to take care of how I look. I cannot turn up for a modeling job or model casting and looking slovenly. I grew up with a mother who takes great care of herself. When I was a little girl I was fascinated when seeing my mother applying all those different cremes and products to her face and body. I remember myself being like “I want to be like that to.” It is womanish to invest in your body and I believe it results to a smooth and positive inner soul.

I like to try and explore new products. I have my “must-have” products and then I simultaneously explore new products to see what is new on the market.

My latest new exploration was Ilse Jacobsen‘s spa products which I am now addicted to. I have tried the body oil who has a smell of eucalyptus and is so refreshing. I have also tried the shea butter foot creme and peppermint foot salt, which smoothen my feet after long days walking around the city, or a long night out dancing in heels.  All Ilse Jacobsen’s spa products are made of natural ingredients and free from parabens which is important for my body because it can easily break out in a rash. I love Ilse Jacobsen’s spa products…


model, scoop models julie p, ilse jacobsen, skin care, spaSkærmbillede 2015-02-22 kl. 16.37.58model, scoop models julie p, ilse jacobsen, skin care, spa


Take care of your body and then it will take care of you!




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