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Bikini Ready

  // Staying funky at the Gymbox with my Adidas Stella Sport sneakers Good morning gym! I have just finished a 5 KM running followed by 5 strengthening exercises repeated 5 times: – 20 Walking lunches – 10 Squats – 10 Push-ups – 20 Back bends – 20 twisted sit-ups   Get fit for fight and bikini ready for summer   xx Julie at the Gymbox            

Sonar 2015

Sonar Festival is happening in Barcelona on the 18-20th of June. I have never been to Sonar but this year will be my first. I am very excited for this three day festival. I enjoy all different kinds of music but electronic music is my favorite and I can listen to it all day long. This three-days experience will boost and expand my musical intelligence as well my funky dance moves. The line-up includes The Chemical Brothers, Duran Duran, A$AP Rocky,...

Girl gang

I am enjoying my Saturday afternoon with lovely friends. London is full of people from all over the globe. We are a mix of Danish, French, and German nationalities. We have all met each other in London and are all busy with career, university, and more. Additionally, I am trying to figure out the meaning of life. I might come back to you in some years regarding that but I feel that I am on a right track. Cookie hunting in...

Power Gisele

Gisele is killing it in the new Chanel campaign. She is incomparable. She is a true yoga lover with a house in Costa Rica, cares for her family, hot shot of a husband, is the number one model in the world who makes most money. She is not just a pretty face with long legs, she is an inspiring business woman.   Woman power! xx    

Copenhagen fashion vibe

Here is a sneak peak from my visit at Blitz PR‘s showroom in Copenhagen. I went to get inspiration for what to wear, what to wish, and realize what I have in my closet at home which could be combined to a great outfit.  One of my favorite pieces front the showroom was this bohemian-chic dress I am wearing from the Danish brand, Raiine.  // Flashing my new boots from The Last Conspiracy, Rag & Bone jeans, and my grand mothers old...
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