new workout – new tighter butt

Are you ready to hit the gym with me?  I am doing a new hardcore 6 weeks cardio workout with my favorite trainer, Cecilie Blaksted from Simply fit.

I have for the past weeks done yoga and running 3-4 times a week but now I am ready to work hard, burn fat, and develop muscles and a tight ass.

For the following six weeks I will be following a workout program combined with cardio including running and strengthen exercises as well as doing weight exercise, which is still new to me. I want to get a toned body but not muscly.

Prepare yourself to workout with me. I will post my workout including how I feel while pre-, during-, and post exercising.

The program is designed for me and is advanced but all exercises can be done in your own pace so everybody can join.

I cannot wait to get started!


I have signed up (again) as a member of Gymbox in London.

// Wearing: Adidas Stella Sport shoes, and SOC tights and sports top.

I started my first day at the gym with a 6km run on the treadmill followed by doing exercises with a pilates ball, which actually can be a bit fun…

// Downward facing dog is a posture you can never ignore while doing a yoga class. Now this posture is strongly integrated in my body after so much yoga practice that I always do it, with or without yoga. 


// Stability Ball Pike: Get a pilates ball, place your legs up and have your hands out in a planck and then move the ball forward and back while your butt gets up in the air and down again. It is really hard and I feel my stomach, arms, and legs are working hard. Basically my whole body is shaken after doing five.



//Stability Ball Bridge: Place legs on the pilates ball and keep your back up in a bridge. Then roll the ball in while keeping the your back up. The higher your lower back is the more it hurts, or I mean, the more it fires up the buttocks.


Get fit with me!



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