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// Wearing: my new favorite sweater from InWear, Acne Studios jacket, Rag & Bone ripped jeans, and Chanel bag.

I had a short trip to Copenhagen to visit friends, family, birthday parties, meetings, work, and school. Here I stand at the Torvehallerne, market in central Copenhagen. I enjoy coming there and taste and smell the different products the shops have. They have great juices, coffee, soups and so on. Also there is an outdoor market where all fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts and so are ready to be bought.

“Go green” is my new slogan.. or at least I get inspired by all the organic products.



My “Go Green” slogan has been taken to the next level when starting on these new friends. Vita Viva‘s products are dietary supplements. They have different products depending on your needs.

I will for the next weeks try two different supplements to nurse my body with a boost of energy and detox.

First, the “Brazilian Burn With Acai” which consists of the antioxidant properties of Acai, mixed with the thermogenic/energy benefits of Green Tea and Caffeine and shall contribute to general health.

Second, the “Green Tea Extract.” Green Tea is said to promote a faster metabolism and help achieve/maintain a healthy cholesterol level. It may also assist in the prevention of certain types of cancers, liver and kidney diseases.

Further Vita Viva has a great amount of focus on Corporate Social Responsibility and has therefore devoted its time to support various charities that promote health throughout the world. Last year, Vita Viva initiated a collaboration with Chimalaya Charity, a charitable organization devoted to improving maternal and child health in Nepal.


Let Viva Vita World get into my body




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