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It is no secret that I work out a lot. And when I say a lot, I mean A LOT! My body does not come from laying on my couch watching House of Cards and eating burgers, though I do that sometimes.  But I care very much for my body and try to make the “bikini body” phenomenon as a year around thing for me. Both because I work as a model and also because I feel good after working out. Working out became fun when I began to set small goals. I always find it hard to work hard for something if I do not have an aim where to go. The goal could be running twice a week, or running 5KM. Through my many years of yoga practice I acknowledge that “there is no perfection only progression.” This quote made completely sense to me and that everybody is not the same but that we shall all listen to ourself and progress in our own way. So even though I post about my workouts and my routines it shall not be a competition – you might be better than me at some exercises, and you might not even be ready to do some of the exercises. Everything is practice and I continuously wants to develop and progress myself. Therefore my training program serve the purpose of inspiring you to get your ass of the couch and motivate you to go to the gym and workout, or go for a run. I promise you – you will feel energetic and be positive.

Enough of the motivational speech, here is my workout for the day made by my guru trainer, Cecilie Blaksted who always know how to kill me at her cardio classes:

Remember this is an advanced training program but you can always do fewer repetitions and remember to run in your own pace.


-Easy Warm-up

Run: 1 min incline 1 (30 sec pause) 1 min incline 2 (30 sek. Pause) osv. until til incline 10.

Circle training
1. Round (3 rep)
– Stability ball pike (x10)
– Stability ball bridgé (x12)
– Stability ball crunch, skrå (x 20)

-Run 800 m (own pace)
2. round (3 rep)
– Stability ball pass off (x10)
– Stability ball side bend (x10 each side)
– Kettle bell russian twists (x20) 8 kg with feet touching the floor

-Run 800 m (own pace)
3. Round (3 rep)
– Side Planck (x10 each side)
– Back bends – raise opposite leg and arm (x20)
– Planke, walk from elbows to hands and down again (x20)
-Run 800 m (Own pace)
4. Round (3 rep)
– Mountain climbers (x10 lige x10 skrå)
– Bodyweight toe touch (x20)
-Run 800 m (Own pace)
5. Round (3 rep)
– Push-ups- elbows close to the body (x10)
– Glute Kickbacks (x20 each leg)
Strech Out


Psst… If you want to get more sporty tips and inspiration, check out Cecilie’s blog on HeyWellness





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