For all my yoga lovers

yoga, fitness, gym, gumbos, sport, fit, adidas, adidas stella sport,


Status quo: Yoga, now and forever! At least yoga is something that you will always have and can take with you. In ups and downs, negative and positive times, yoga is there for you. I assume that is what I mean with my little question mark.

yoga, fitness, gym, gumbos, sport, fit, adidas, adidas stella sport,

// Ready for my 30 min of yoga after a hard cardio workout – but before that, a picture to prove that I am actually doing my workouts and yoga and not just trying to encourage you without my own effort.

yoga, fitness, gym, gumbos, sport, fit, adidas, adidas stella sport,

// Loving my Adidas Stella Sport sneakers.

Now time for yoga. The calming and awareness yoga provides


 Once a yogi always a yogi


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