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“Why did I sign up for this!?” – was my first thought when entering my first class of Spanish for beginners where I as the only student is on time and is sitting alone in the classroom waiting for my fellow students and teacher to arrive. Well, I stayed and had my first Spanish class which actually was quite fun. We are only five students in the class. All of us are young people from different countries in Europe. The teacher was really nice but she spoke only Spanish during the entire class. This became quite challenging when I do not know how to speak Spanish. Suddenly body language and words that does not exist in the dictionary sounds appropriate and creates meaning. I will for my entire stay in Barcelona attend Spanish courses twice a week in the evening and hopefully learn some Spanish that I can use for basics.

After my first class my teacher said that I was good and asked if I have learned Spanish in school before. I was one big question mark when she asked that, in Spanish of course, but I guess so far so good. “Hasta mañana” was the teachers next phrase, and then I politely repeated “Hasta Mañana señora” with a big smile.




This is my Spanish book just in case you want to buy it and learn Spanish with me.


Buenos noches from me


  1. 20. May 2015

    Hej Julie! Ville blot høre, hvor din fine cowboyskjorte er fra? 🙂

    /Kh, Karolina

    • 20. May 2015

      Hej Karolina, skjorten er fra Gina Tricot 🙂

  2. 20. May 2015

    Cool that you want to learn my language!
    Buena suerte:)

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