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Good morning from Barcelona! This is my first snack of the day – a bowl of pomegranate (and yoghurt and coffee on the side). I love summer fruits like pomegranate and watermelon and eat them all the time when being available. I bought a whole watermelon and a bunch of pomegranate at the La Boqueria market yesterday so I am prepared for the week.

Also, I take the Vita VivaAcai Brazilian Burn” and the “Green Teat Extract” as supplements. I have been taken the supplements for about one and half month and they are almost empty now. And now you wonder, “what is the effect?” and “can you see any change?” – And I want to put it like this… I can definitely feel an effect in the detoxifying effect it has as well as increase in energy. And I mean literally “increase in energy” – so much that I actually could not fall asleep for about five days until my friend told me that I should be careful of these strong supplements. In the beginning I took one of each pill during breakfast time and the other one at lunch time. But that was a mistake for me because I sometimes eat quite late lunches. If I had lunch at 3PM and took my second and last pill of the day, there was no chance I could sleep in the evening. I could be lying in bed awake till 5AM, which ruined my whole day but then I did it again and again. So I want to share my first experience with Vita Viva and the two supplements:

– Be aware of the caffeine in the supplements

– It is listed on the supplements that you can take 1 or 2 pills a day – but 1 is enough.

– You go to the toilet more often than you are used to. Said in a “nicer” way, YOU DETOX.

– I had a small case that I had the pills in so I remembered to take them with me (even if I went for breakfast/brunch with friends and family. And yes, they might look at you, but who cares?! – nobody will notice unless you tell them. And when i did, they went and bought it too.

– I got more energy – or at least I felt that I could handle more.

– My skin got more clean.

– In case you wonder, If you loose weight with the supplements, the answer might be yes, but I am not going to give that to you. I did not loose weight but again I do not want to loose weight. So my focus was not on weight.

My intention was to detox my body and I am satisfied with the result that I have got from Vita Viva‘s Acai and Green Tea.. And more important, I believe my body is even more satisfied.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback do not hesitate to contact me.


Julie the detoxer


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