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Being in Spain is not an excuse for not training. I have checked out different gym clubs in Barcelona but got lost in the search because there are so many. Therefore I decided to take a one-day pass at Holmes Gym which was close to my language school. This means, I was not lost on my way.

Well, besides taking a selfie in the mirror because I did not feel like asking a random person at the gym to take a picture of me. Everyone at the gym seemed very focused not their own training which I kind of liked. This resulted in me taking a selfie without no one noticing it.

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Beside selfies I did my cardio training.

My training consisted of:

Run: 1 min incline 1 (30 sec pause) 1 min incline 2 (30 sek. Pause) etc. until til incline 10.

1. Round (3 rep)
? Stability ball pike (x10)
? Stability ball bridgé (x12)
? Stability ball crunch, skrå (x 20)
2. round (3 rep)
? Stability ball pass off (x10)
? Stability ball side bend (x10 each side)
? Kettle bell russian twists (x20) 8 kg with feet touching the floor
3. Round (3 rep)
? Side Planck (x10 each side)
? Back bends ? raise opposite leg and arm (x20)
? Planke, walk from elbows to hands and down again (x20)

4. Round (3 rep)
? Mountain climbers (x10 lige x10 skrå)
? Bodyweight toe touch (x20)
-Run 800 m (Own pace)
5. Round (3 rep)
? Push-ups- elbows close to the body (x10)
? Glute Kickbacks (x20 each leg)

Run: Tabatha: (2o min. work out, 10 sec. break, 8 repetitions, 4 min in total)
Incline 5, and a sprint pace (My pace was 15 KM/H)

– Stretch out

After this training I am completely DONE, FINITO, CAPITO, FINISH, NO MORE!!!!!!

I have extremly tight hips (as you might see). Therefore I have to lie like this for a min. of two min. in order for my hips to become more flexible. It hurts like crazy but I can see a small improvement. IMG_1144


After a hard core workout I went to treat myself with some good and healthy food at “Flax & Kale” which is a must go to in Barcelona. They have healthy food, funky juices, and great coffee (and an amazing cheesecake). Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I ordered a veggie burger, the vegan vampire juice, and a double espresso. Followed by a cheesecake and another espresso.


Hard work pays off



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