Moke cruising

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Le Pain Quotidien is moving with me, or the other way around. The café chain has taken over the world and is located in so many big cities and I am loving it. They have great pastries, amazing jams and chocolate dips to add on their tasty bread.

I enjoyed my first coffee of the day together with a scone (and some work for the day).. IMG_2790// Wearing: Linda Farrow sunglasses, Brandy Melville top, and Sophie Bille Brahe necklace.

I am cruising in this mini mike car around in Barcelona. A friend of mine came to visit me in Barcelona and arranged a mini moke since “it is the best way to get around the city” was her reasoning. I did not disagree her and jumped right in the moke and said the first address of my model casting. After starting our day at Le Pain Quotidien for a small treat we drove around Barcelona and stopped ay my three modeling castings and went for tapas and sangria. And then, more tapas and sangria.



Viva Espana

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