One more exam and then LA and NYC

I have been focused on my exam for the past five days. When I say focus, I mean, that it has been my primary objective during the days though still with breaks of meetings, training, and short-visits with friends over a lunch or dinner. I like to work during the night where everything is quite and the city sleeps. Then I will not get too disturbed with emails and phonically which I have difficulties ignoring during the day. My head and do-to list increased in size if I don’t reply the emails right away or contact the people that I have written down in my notes that I have to contact. So my life is one big multi-tasking-project-planning-administrating-feel good-look good-everyday thing. I love the adrenalin it gives me but sometimes I cannot sleep and then I realize that it might me a symptom of stress instead of an adrenalin boost. I think it is very much about finding a balance in life – and in everything you do. And everybody is different with different needs. My friends tell me that they would get stress if living my life but they can see that I enjoy it and is happy with that – and that is the most important for them. Having great people around you is alway an essential factor in life – you boost them with your energy and the other way around. Nothing in life is a one-way street.

school master student, master degree, diesel, hvisk, fashion, nyc, la, new york, travel, blogger, adriana lima, model, vogueSo, back to my exam. In exactly one week, I will hand in this exam paper that I am currently working on. And I feel like this hand-in is a different hand-in that others – and that is because I have two months OFF university!!! HOW COOL IS THAT!!! I decided to take a lot of courses on my master degree during this summer so I could be ahead of my master degree program and get a break in the autumn. So while everybody is getting back to school I will be traveling in LA and New York and living the model/blogging/etc. etc. life. I have new projects that I am working on and LA and New York is a part of that.

In the beginning of November I will return to Copenhagen Business School for my last course before my last exam, the big thesis. And then I can call myself a very clever girl with a master degree.

Nobody is too cool for school but we try anyway.

school master student, master degree, diesel, hvisk, fashion, nyc, la, new york, travel, blogger, adriana lima, model, vogue

I will get fierce like Adriana Lima when handing in this exam!!!! One more week to go…



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