Burning Man countdown

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In one week I will be in the desert in Nevada at a festival called, Burning Man. I am traveling together with my friend, Cecilie, who is also my personal trainer. Burning Man is not a traditional festival. Here you need to bring everything you need in order to survive seven days. That means, bringing food, water, tent,water bottles, etc. etc. and most importantly costumes. Everybody is dressing up in everything from sparkling tracksuits and bikinis to funky fur. Due to the location is int he desert the weather is very hot during the day but very cold in the evenings/nights. Therefore I need to bring lighter outfits for the days and more heavy and warm outfits for the evenings. This festival require a lot of preparation. However I will be living in an organized camp where the most essential is available but there is still a lot of things to remember.

I have a large suitcase open where I throw down new items all the time as I remember that I need to bring that. In the end I hope I have everything. I will fly to LA on Friday and stay for three days before attending the crazy BURNING MAN festival!!





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