My September Bathroom

beauty, model, hm, hvisk, scoop model, model, amazing space, andrea rudolf, mario based, tromborg, creme, lipstick, red, badeanstalten, lipBeauty, Beauty, and more beauty. I love beauty products and take great care of my skin. I always cleanse my skin before I go to bed regardless of the time or status. It is an habit and I do not feel good if I go to bed with make-up or dirty skin. I have some products that I have used for many years and that I do not replace but I am curious about what beauty products exists and like to try new ones too. Also age and seasons is also something that needs to be taken into consideration as some products are better or can give a better result if you use them at the right season.

On the picture above taken by Polina at Scoop Models while wearing no make-up I am wearing a top from H&M and necklaces and earrings to the left from Hvisk and earrings to the right from Julie Sandlau. 
IMG_6579My September essential beauty products in my bathroom.

From back left:

  • Amazing Space “Oil Infusion“: I use this apricot oil in my morning smoothie or an a salad. Then I get oil to nurse inside my body. The oil does not taste of anything so your smoothie or food does not taste different. I try to use it everyday but that does not happen. I have the oil in my apartment in Copenhagen and I does not take it with me when traveling because it is too much of a hassle so therefor I cannot use it everyday but I try to remember to use it the days when I am back in Copenhagen.
  • Rudolf Care “Cleansing Milk“: Is a soft and natural cleansing milk with the superfood acai, which contains antioxidants. If you are allergic or have a very sensitive skin this might be good for you as it contains no parfume. Additionally to acai it also contains vitamin e and aloe vera among others.
  • Tromborg “Anti-aging” creme: I love this creme and I have used it several times. First of all I love the smell of it and secondly the cremes contexture is soft and smooth and my skin gets a fine and natural shine when I apply it. I am addicted to this creme and use it morning and evening.  Using anti-aging creme when I am only 24 years old can sound a bit silly but I believe we need to prevent the wrinkles before they come, so start using anti-aging before the anti-aging signs are visible is beneficial.
  • Mario Badescu “Chamomile Cleansing Lotion“: is a calming tonic water I apply morning and evening after cleansing my skin.

In front from left:

  • Badeanstalten “Citrus Salve“: This citrus salve is beneficial for dry spots and lips. Sometimes I get some dry spots on my neck or arms and then I apply this salve and also for my occasionally dry lips.
  • Tromborg red lipstick: I love red lips when I go out and I have this beauty products as a permanent item in my evening bag. The lipstick is organic and made by natural ingredients as sesame, macadamia nut, and more.

Get beauty ready!!





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