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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset I have just tried this intensive treatment mask by Magic Stripes. This mask provides powerful moisturizing biological Hydrogel Mask with Hyaluronic Acid consists of highly concentrated high quality essences. The mask has superior effects on skin nutrition supply. It moisturizes and relaxes the facial skin and improve?s greatly it?s elasticity. The mask is decided in two pieces; the upper face and the lower side of the face. When applied on the skin it shall be on your face for 20-30 min. I was quite excited to try this mask and see the outcome of it. IMG_5336The package provides three masks so it is not only a one time offer.
Let’s begin the treatment. IMG_5334The mask is really soft and slippery so it took some time for me to put it properly on my face. Also, I have a quite small head/face so the masks was a bit too big, which meant that I could expand the mask a bit down on my chin. After applying I massaged the mask into my skin with the aim of getting all the benefits from the mask.
I look really weird and ridiculous with the mask but my boyfriend was not home so I thought I was a perfect timing for a movie evening to relax with the mask.
magic stripes, magic, beauty, beauty hero, skin, skincare, cadet, beauty, wonder, adds, adidas woman, junkyardAfter 30 minutes with the mask on I took it slowly off and voila, my skin felt softer, kind of full level of moist-ish. After taken the mask off there was still some of the gel from it which I massaged into the skin.
Overall I enjoyed the mask because it was easy to use, and kind of fun to try. My skin looks more healthy, has a shine more and softer.
Explore the Magic Stripes mask yourself – click here and let me know how it was, if you feel like.


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