travel plans

diesel, fashion, denim, t-shirt, style, ragandbone, sexy, fashion, style, bloggerI have checked my calendar which shows that I have been on more than 30 flights this year so far.. I travel a lot as you can see and I will keep doing it for amazing projects.

My next travels which I am really excited about it first, Tokyo, where I am traveling with Kopenhagen Fur for a five days. I will be exploring the design team of Kopenhagen Fur,   and see how they make their Fur. I know they have a tight five day program arranged and I am super excited about it. I will post much more about Tokyo – so stay tuned for more.

After Tokyo I have a three day stopover in Copenhagen before I go back to London for more modeling work, then Hamburg for two weeks of modeling and then back to London. Then in November I will have a short four days trip to New York with my boyfriend and then back to London.  I will basically be based in London until christmas time where I will go back to Copenhagen for my last exam on my master degree before the big thesis project. I will spent christmas in Copenhagen with my family and then go somewhere exotic and far away for New Years.

See you on the other side of the plane.. 




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