To Tokyo with Kopenhagen Fur

kopenhagen fur, travel, tokyo, fur, fashion, outfitm I have been invited by Kopenhagen Fur to go to Tokyo and I am extremely excited and grateful for this. I love their creative mind and program they have for discovering new design talents.
Kopenhaegn Fur are collaborating with 14 universities all over the world; Paris, Athens, London, South Korea, Tokyo etc etc.
Each year Kopenhagen Fur have a talent program “Imagine Talent” where they scout different students from each university they collaborate with and give them the opportunity to design their own fur styles. They can make their own interpretation of fur and the best students gets to show their best style at the Kopenhagen Fur Imagine Talent fashion show during Copenhagen Fashion Week. Kopenhagen Fur invests in student they believe in and give them all the design- , teaching-, and financial support they need.

The aim with the trip to Tokyo is to visit the university in Tokyo and explore and gain knowledge of the design process and follow the students. The designs they are working on and which they have a deadline in beginning of December to have finished are the styles that will be shown at Copenhagen Fashion Week in February 2016.
I am really excited to see meet the students and get a closer look on the design process.
kopenhagen fur, travel, tokyo, fur, fashion, outfitm Yesterday I had a meeting at one of the Kopenhagen Fur offices in central Copenhagen. I was introduced to two journalists who will be joining the trip together with the press consultant for Kopenhagen Fur and senior PR & communication advisor Trine from PRD Agency.

kopenhagen fur, travel, tokyo, fur, fashion, outfitm The beautiful Kopenhagen Fur office is royal and modern at the same time. IMG_5578

I have just started packing for Tokyo and I will bring this amazing Kopenhagen Fur jacket I lend for this trip.

Tokyo – I am ready for you with my fur and big smile! 





  1. 30. March 2016

    Did you inform yourself before giving your full caution to the fur industry ? Millions of animals are rasied in battery cages before being gazed or electrocuted. I don’t understand why so many young talents are supporting this cruel industry. All the creativity can be achieved with faux fur nowadays. Even Armani last week claimed he will not use real fur from now on. It’s time to wake-up fashion people- spare animals and bring creativity to a higher level by developing a more responsible fashion.

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