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sport, adidas, adidas run, copenhagen, london, ham yard to, adidas zebra, soc, stadium join the movement, workout, training, healthy, Cecilie from Simply Fit is both personal trainer, health focused, and my friend. She has created a workout for the next nine weeks (for November and December) so I can get even fitter and more in shape before entering year 2016. The training consists of cardio and weight training three times a week and further I will do yoga once/twice a week. Are you ready to get in shape with Cecilie and I?

The picture above is Cecilie and I running with Adidas in Copenhagen. We were twenty girls running together. Cecilie and I took the lead and as you can see on the picture above Cecilie looks more happy then me. She is an amazing runner and I try to keep up with her.

Here is the program (feel free to contact me or Cecilie for any questions). And remember this program is advanced so adjust the program for you.
I will keep posting motivating sport pictures to support our training. It will be tuff (because Cecilie never makes easy programs).

DAY 1:
Light warm-up
10 minute jog (your own pace, incline if you want)
Round 1: (Repeat 5 times)
Plank Jacks (x10)
Slow mountainclimbers (x20)
Run 800 m (your own fast pace)
Round 2: (Repeat 5 times)
Stability ball bridgé (x12)
Jump squats (x15)
Run 600 m (increase pace)
Round 3: (Repeat 5 times)
Triceps Dips (x15)
Plank to push-ups* (x10)
Run 400 m (increase pace)
Round 4: (Repeat 5 times)
Cross Body V-Ups* (x10 each side)
Back extensions (x20)
Run 200 m (sprint)
Round 5: (Repeat 5 times)
Bodyweight deadlift , single leg (x10 each leg)
Glute Kickbacks (x20 each leg )
Stretching and foam roller
DAY 2:
J. Lo: Walk from incline 5-15 (increase incline every 30sek)
Run 200 m. (break 100m) start at 13km/t
Stop when you can’t run anymore or at 20km/t
Strength traning: (5 rounds, 2 min. Break between)
Push-ups (x15)
Lunges (x20)
Mountain jumps (x15
Tabata training (8 rounds)
8 rounds, 20 sek. (break 10 sek.)
Toe touchers
Alternating supermans
Worm Walkouts*
Stretching and foam roller
DAY 3:
Light Warm-up
10 minutes (run/eliptical/sjipping)
1 minute breaks between sets
Leg press (3×30) (around 40kg)
Stability ball leg curl (3×15) (keep hip up)
Bodyweight hip abduction (3×20 each leg)
– Keep upper body on the ground, and the hips in place
Cable Pull Overhand grip (sit straight!) (3×15)
Hyperextension (3×15)
Chin-ups (3×6 slowly down)
Barbell thruster (3×15)
Dumbell Row (bent over neutral grip) (3×15)
Stretching and foam roller






IMG_4839I have just finished Day 1 Workout and my body is literally dead.

Good luck everybody!




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