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I don’t care for fashion I live it!


My blog is founded in Jan 2014 and is my digital universe where my aim is to inspire.
I believe honesty, hard work and a positive mind is This Way in life.

Presented below are insight of who I am and what I do.

I am a fashion-passionated person and started in the fashion industry when collecting Vogue magazines as 12-year old. Straight after finishing high school in my hometown Copenhagen I moved to Paris to pursue my dream. The dream of becoming a professional dancer and be fluent in French. The dancing did not turn out as supposed due to getting an injury in my leg. After my accident I started modeling with the intentions of just doing it for a couple of months. Now six years later I am still modeling. I have learned that things in life are unpredictable and there is a deeper meaning when things happen – we have to fight for our passion and accept the outcome.

After living in Paris for almost a year I moved to Athens, then Milan, South Korea, Tel Aviv, and other cities. Then I decided to stimulate my brain differently, so I started university. While studying I worked as fashion assistant at the Danish fashion magazine, Eurowoman. I also went to Barcelona for a summer internship at a pr agency. Further I have studied several fashion courses at London College of Fashion.
After my undergraduate I got hired at the world leading fashion pr agency, KCD WorldWide in London. Here I was responsible for PR, production and coordination of fashion brands and fashion shows. I worked for London Fashion Week in June 2014, September 2014 and for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in December 2014.

I am currently studying my second year of my master degree in communication at Copenhagen Business School and I will graduate in summer 2016. I am not an ordinary business student. I have always been this kind of person who like to do things differently and more importantly, do them in my own way. Studying to me means a lot of reading, digging in to theories and understanding theoretical perspective and developing a critical stand point. I travel and work a lot and is not attending all classes. I do what I can to attend my classes but because I work abroad is it not possible. However I have learned myself to be disciplined and focus on my study while being abroad. I am never on vacation even though my pictures on Instagram and on my blog looks like that.
Further I work as a model (or maybe “performer” is a better word”) where Scoop Models is my mother agency and I am signed with modeling agencies all over the world.
I have many projects I am working on at the same time. I get restless and bored if I have to wait for one thing at the time, which is why blogging is a perfect way for me to always stay busy, and I really enjoy blogging. Every post I make have thought and intention behind. Nothing is random.

Get some insight of This Way



Ambitious, energetic and a successfull multitasker (If you ask me)

I am currently in my second year of my master degree in communication and leadership at Copenhagen Business School. In 2014 I got my bachelor degree in IT and communication from Copenhagen Business School. I have also studied Fashion business and social media at London College of Fashion.  I speak Danish, English, and Hebrew fluently and speaks and understands French on basis level. I understand a bit Spanish but intent to increase my skills.

Yoga, Dancing, Running, Surfing, Kickboxing… Okay, I am maybe a sports freak. I think it’s because I get’s easily high over a new sport excersice and I love that rush-feeling flowding in my body. I have been dancing my whole life. My mother took me to dancing classes at the age of two. I danced mostly hip hip and show dance and worked as proff. dancer for some years. After an injury in my back leg I had to listen to my body and stopped dancing on proffessional level. My injury made me think about my body in another way, which made me start praticing yoga. I got completely addicted to yoga and practise yoga almost everyday. Last year I went to Costa Rica to take a yoga education to get a better understanding yoga postures and the philosophy behind yoga.My latest discovery of sport was surfing, which I explored in Israel, Costa Rica, Biarritz and St. Barth – I get so f******* high when surfing.

I love Paris, New York, London, and Tel Aviv. These cities have a constant on-going vibe and buzz I admire. I have lived in Paris and can ignore the French arrongant mentality and see the beauty and charm of the city. I have only been to New York three times for vacation. I get so fascnitated about the cosmopolitan vibe and culture. I hope to live in New York for a year or two in the future. Tel Aviv is sooo fantastic; a combination of beach and city life is very rare. The Israeli food is the best food in the world – end of discussion. The city has so much to see. I go to Tel Aviv once-twice a year and I always discover new attractions. Well, other places like Ibiza, Costa Rica, and St. Barth are also fantastic places I constantly want to go back to. It is hard to decide THE city, I am a girl who has the world as one city (if I may say that).

My life is one big travel-plan. I have been living in a suitcase since I graduated from high school, which is about six years ago. I have spent the past year mostly in London modeling and working for KCD. I am currently back in Copenhagen for work, meeting and university but my next travel is Tokyo which I am extremely excited about. After Tokyo I will be back in Copenhagen for three days, then traveling to London for modeling work, and then Hamburg for more modelling work, and then back to London. London will be my home base until christmas.

Everything with CHOCOLATE!!!

Living on an island in a warm climate surrounded by good friends and close family eating fresh topical fruits and doing yoga and surfing all day.. and blogging of course!


Julie Pallesen


  1. 11. November 2015

    You are soo great .I have already like this aims in my life

    • 13. December 2015

      Thank you for your comment. I believe hard work and a postive mind with get you there 🙂

      All the best,

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