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This week’s inspirational person is the amazing Nicci Welsh who is a born in England but lives in Denmark but she travels all over the world with her make-up artist career. I met Nicci Welsh through my work as a model, former dancing career, and former fashion assistent on the Danish magazine Eurowoman.
Nicci is one of those people you only can love. She welcomes you with a hug and is not holding back on giving compliments. Most importantly she is amazingly talented with make-up and hair. I always feel like a princess after being in Nicci’s chair. When I work in on a job and I see that Nicci is the make-up- and hair stylist and I get excited, because I know she makes me look beautiful.
I have huge respect and admiration for this hard working woman. She has inspired me and given me courage to continue doing what I love.
Q&A with Nicci Welsh who is a world known make-up artist, and has established her own Nicci Welsh Academy and also created her own line of make-up brushes. A Nicci Welsh Academy she develops new make-up artists talents and some even get to assist her on her jobs. This woman is unstoppable and works hard to reach her goals.

fashion, darynmorre, paris, french, designer, luxury, photoshoot, model, friends, cool girl, inspirational, nicci welsh, make-up artist, maybelline, loreal, beauty, fashion week

My last shoot with Nicci was for a beauty editorial and cover and this is one of her beauty looks.


  • Q: What is your currently project that you are working on?
  • A: I have some different projects that I am working on at the moment that I can tell you more about in 2016.
  • Q: How did you end up doing what you do today?
  • A: I was brought up in my mum?s hair salon in England, so from a very young age I fell in love with the power of makeup and hair. I saw how it could change a face, and with only a few tricks it could make the client the best and most beautiful version of them selves. So from the small salon in England it expanded to music videos, covers, Fashion Week, celebrities, etc. I?ve worked really hard to get to where I am today, but I love working with people, and making them feel confident and beautiful. That has always been my drive, and probably always will be.
  • Q: Did you set goals about where you wanted to be?
  • A: I didn?t set a specific goal about where I wanted to be, my focus was much more about doing my best at the job I was booked for. Making the client happy on the day, no matter if the client was an international celebrity or ?Betty? from down the street ? positive attitude, working hard, learning and passion was always my goal.
  • Q: What inspires you in life?
  • A: I get inspired by a lot of things, but especially passionate and innovative people are a huge inspiration in my professional life. I often find myself thinking out of the box if I talk to people who are not afraid to do something different or who is extremely passionate about what they do.
  • Q: What motivates you?
  • A: My team, coworkers and clients always motivated me to be the best I can be, and push the limits and come up with new techniques and textures. I never stop learning, not even after 25 years in this business, and that fact has also always motivated and kept me on my toes.
  • Q: How do you take care of your body?
  • A: I train 2 to 3 times a week when I can or I walk 20 minutes a day, it really depends on my work schedule.
  • Q: What is your food item/s of indulgence? 
  • A: I eat very healthy, I have too so I have the energy for my busy days working and being a mum. I want to be sure I give 100% at everything and eating well helps me do this. My indulgence is organic food and making everything from fresh. It is an indulgence as it takes much longer time to prepare your own juices or make your own yogurt but it makes me feel good.
  • Q: What is your beauty secret/tip?
  • A: Great brows! I cant stress it enough, but with a good set of brows you don?t have to do a lot with the rest of your makeup. They balance your face, lift the eyes and make the overall result look complete.
  • Q: What is you next goal?
  • A: My goal stays the same, keep learning, believe everything is possible and give the best I possibly can at all times.

Connect with Nicci Welsh and follow her on Instagram here for her inspirational beauty journey.

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