Dress Up

· Sexy Saturday
The last week of the year 2015 is here and I feel like wearing dresses and make the most fun out of the this week. New Years eve is in a few days and I have still not find the ...read more

Merry Christmas

· Inspiration Button
Merry christmas everyone! I have now finished buying all my christmas presents and will now wrapped them in and put them under the christmas tree. I will be having christmas eve in Copenhagen and spending a lot of time with ...read more

Boost Copenhagen #3

· Sporty Spice
Once again I was running with Adidas in Copenhagen. We are a select group of 15 "urban female runners" who is running together in Copenhagen. This time which was the last run in 2015 and we ran 10 KM during ...read more

4. Advent Tromborg competition

· Random
A new week has begun and it is the 4. and last advent next Sunday. I am giving away a wonderful wellness package with products from the Danish beauty brand, Tromborg which is my favorite Danish beauty brand. If you want ...read more

Christmas Presents Under 20€

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Sometimes is can be really hard to find affordable presents for friends, family member, a cousin, or your sweet neighbor. I have been searching for christmas present that is in the affordable price range and hopefully this guide can help ...read more

December beauty essentials

· Beauty Essentials
December is month where I try to focus on moist for the skin as well as giving the hair, body and face some shine. I have selected some beauty products that I especially need for the month of December, which ...read more