Acai kick-off-the-day smoothie

· Well Being
I do not have a lot of time in the morning to prepare a breakfast, and I prefer 30 min. longer in bed than waking up early to make myself a breakfast. Therefore I have made this ease-peasy smoothie, which more

Copenhagen Fashion Film Festival 2016

· Fashion Week
Copenhagen Fashion Week is about to kick off with mostly Danish designers showing their newest collection and trends for the media and press. I am very excited to see shows and attend to many events and moreover, the Copenhagen fashion more

Fashion in sports clothing

· Sporty Spice
  There is an increasing hype about fashionable sports clothes, and I am totally on it! Since I was a little girl I have been doing some kind of exercise. For many years when I was dancing, the clothing started to more

New York vibes

· World Traveller
When packing for New York I needed my essentials in my Day Birger Mikkelsen hand luggage: great books, bags, Jurlique facial oil to moist my face during a long flight, Tromborg hand creme, Green People body lotion, a hat from more

POP CPH preview

· Inspiration Button
Here is a preview from a photoshoot I did with PopCph for their Pre Autumn/Winter 16 campaign. Pop Cph is founded by two Danish guys who got inspired by the nightlife. The have organized many parties and love the style more

2016 Workout Day 2

· Random
Time to hit the gym again with the second workout routine. How was the first workout routine? - it's very tuff, I know. I was even at the gym when I was on vacation because there are no excuses. The routine more

Monday caribbean dreaming

· Inspiration Button
There is nothing better than dreaming away on a cold and Monday in January. The week starts and you have had such a nice weekend, which was not suppose to end so soon. And I have been writing exam the more