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This week’s inspirational woman is the Italian actress, Chiara Martegiani who I have met in London. Chiara is a fun and lovely woman who follows her passion as an actress.
I have asked Chiara some questions about her life, passion and motivation, which I hope you will get as inspired of like myself.
  • Q: Where are you at the moment?
  • A: I was living in London for a few years but now I decided to move back to Rome because my job is here. I am taking acting class two days per week as a training and doing auditions. I am waiting for some answers so fingers crossed!!! At the same time I am writing my first screenplay and this takes a lot of time but I am very happy to do that because it’s a big challenge for me. Also I will shoot a short film in April produced by VICE and I hope to get part in a movie very soon.

I was born in Rimini where I grew up until the age of 19. Until then my passion was equitation. Thanks to this I did two Dressage european championships in the Italian team. Between the age of 17 and 19 I started to feel that my feelings for riding were not that strong anymore to make my sport my job. At the end my real passion was acting, that’s why I decided to move to Rome and try to enter into the best academy for cinema. I got the audition and I studied at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia for 3 years.

During my studies i started working as an actress and I did my first movie when I was 21 years old. It was a comedy/drama calls “Meno male che ci sei” and after one year I did another movie Calls Maternity Blues which took part at the Venice Film Festival. After this movie I played Italian tv series and others Italian movies.

  • Q:What is your currently project that you are working on?
  • A: I just finished to shoot a movie calls “Cronaca di una Passione” where I played a young mother. It’s an independent movie by the same director of Martenity blues and it’s a drama inspired by a real story. Now the movie is in post-production, and we are waiting to send it to the film festivals.

  • Q: How did you end up doing what you do today?
  • A: I starred in my first movie when i was 21 years old and from that time I knew that I love acting more that anything.
    I’m studying and I’m working hard to find always new projects as an actress and also projects on the side that could support me. I’m afraid of not working continuously as an actress, for that reason I have different managers in Europe like in UK and Spain. My secret is to never stop trying new opportunities.

  • Q: Did you set goals about where you wanted to be?
  • A: Yes and I still do it otherwise I could not do this job.
    I need to dream big to progress myself more and more as an actress. I’ve achieved some of my goals but I still have more goals I want to achieve.

  • Q:What inspires you in life?
  • A: People that never give up. People with energy and love what they do. Every single person and every single story can be an inspiration for me because I have always something to learn from everybody and in my acting this is really important. I need stories, experiences, and details to enrich my characters. Besides that, music is really important for my inspiration. Every song could represent a scene, a moment in my memories or in my imagination.
  • Q: What motivates you?
  • A: My agent and my pressmanager. They all believe in me but the biggest motivation I find is in myself. Sometimes it is very hard to believe in myself and find a motivation but when I got it everything is easier….

  • Q:How do you take care of your body?
  • A: I do bikram yoga and pilates 3 times per week, which is necessary for my mind and my body.
    I love the feeling I get of being strong and relaxed at the same time and yoga helps me a lot to the concentration also.
  • Q:What is your food item/s of indulgence?
  • A: I’m a proper Italian so i really love food and I really love pasta and wine. To be honest I don’t have a special diet so I try to have a balance between carbohydrate and protein even if sometimes I eat to much pasta, which is not very good. Fortunately I’m not a sweet tooth so I don’t eat a lot of candy or chocolate. I prefer wine…. I don’t know if that’s worse!
  • Q: What is your beauty secrets/tips?
  • A: I try to be happy, this is my secret for my beauty!
    I’m a lover of natural products so I always use natural creams for my body and I try to don’t forget to drink water!
  • Q:What is your next goal?
  • A: I have just moved back to Italy from London where I lived for 2 years so I have many goals now to achieve but the thing that I really want to do is a great part in a great movie and I hope that this is happen really soon. I’m also starting to write my first movie so I hope to complete this project during the 2016! I have to work hard to make that happen!

chiara martegiani, actress, italy, model moviestar, film actress, burberry, london,

Get inspired with Chiara Martegiani!


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