Kopenhagen Fur Imagine Talent Fashion Show 2016

IMG_6031Copenhagen Fashion Week is about to kick off and I am very excited to participate several shows and event. Especially the Kopenhagen Fur Fashion Show is the first and the peek of my Copenhagen Fashion Week.
I was privileged to be invited to Tokyo in October by Kopenhagen Fur to explore one of the universities who they work and collaborate with abroad. Kopenhagen Fur collaborates with design universities all over the world and scout new talents in order or them to be a strong and modern organisation. The students who gets chosen to work with Kopenhagen Fur gets supported by Kopenhagen Fur with all materials, advice, and more. The students get to make their own fashionable fur pieces where there are no restricted limit for which materials to use. The 15 most talented students get to show their pieces at the “Imagine Talent” fashion show during Copenhagen Fashion Week where Kopenhagen Fur invited all the Imagine Talent student to Copenhagen. One of the Imagine Talent students who will show her pieces next week is the Chinese student, Cindy who I met at Gauken Mode university in Tokyo.

Gauken Mode Tokyo is a well-known design university with 2000 students. Kopenhagen Fur has collaborated with Gauken Mode Tokyo during  three years so far. The building has 50 floors and measures 250 meters, so you cannot me afraid of hight as a student. The university has excited for 50 years and it is primarily Japanese students enrolled at the school and approximately 10% are students from abroad and mostly from China.

When I met Cindy in Tokyo (Cindy and I on the picture above) she was a bit shy in the beginning but after a few minutes we started laughing about a silly comment I made and then the chilled and positive atmosphere was created. Cindy has been studying at Gauken Mode Tokyo for four years. She loves Japan and believes there are more opportunities in Japan than in China.
I asked Cindy questions regarding my own curiosity about her fur style and how she felt when getting chosen as an Imagine Talent. She was very polite and spoke English at an understandable level and she did was very dreamy in her way of speaking. She used a lot of symbols, colors and metaphors in her speaking while she was smiling. Cindy explained how she cared for fur and about how it is visible to see on the fur if the pet had been treating properly and healthy. Cindy loves colors and get inspired by it. It takes her about five month to make a fur and she explains how much an eye you need for details to make a fur.

In the end of our talk, I asked if she was excited about going to Copenhagen and she started laughing and she moved her hands up against her mouth, like she could not believe it was real, and then she says “I can still not believe I am going to Copenhagen and showing my fur at Copenhagen Fashion Week, it’s unreal to me”. I finished off with a hug and a “good luck and see you in Copenhagen” and a big smile.

After my trip to Tokyo I have come closer to Kopenhagen Fur as a company and not just as a brand. Kopenhagen Fur cares for young talents and dares to invest in them, which is very rare for many organizations.

This is my pre-post for Copenhagen Fashion Week. I will update next with with more news about Copenhagen Fashion Week and the Kopenhagen Fur Imagine Talent and how Cindy’s fur came out.

gauken tokyo, gauken osaka, tokyo, fashion universoty, kopenhagenfur, travel, raiine, design, copenhagenfashionweek, imagine talent, view, skyline//Gauken Mode University Tokyo IMG_6049//Mode Gauken’s view form 50th Floor. IMG_6039// Imagine Talented Cindy showing her inspiration for her fur
IMG_6048Tokyo View

gauken tokyo, gauken osaka, tokyo, fashion universoty, kopenhagenfur, travel, raiine, design, copenhagenfashionweek, imagine talent, view, skylineMy last memory of Gauken Mode university where I am standing in the middle of the next years class of the students who aim to be the next Imagine Talent.





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