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joe and the juice, detox, juice cleanse, health, tommy hilfiger, fashion, chanel, denim, joejuicejoe and the juice, detox, juice cleanse, health, tommy hilfiger, fashion, chanel, denim, joejuiceHave you ever considered a juice cleanse? – Well I have, and finally after a long time thinking about it I decided to take action. This January after a month a christmas food and a long enjoyable vacation with everything that belongs to that I thought it was a good motivation for a fresh new start. I want to share my juice cleanse experience at Joe & The Juice with you guys and encourage you to try one yourself – I dare you!

joe and the juice, detox, juice cleanse, health, tommy hilfiger, fashion, chanel, denim, joejuice
Above is all my juice intake during the three days plus the oil to the right.
Are you ready for your 3 day juice cleanse? I have just done mine and I will tell you all about my experience to prepare you for yours. This was my first 3-days cleanse ever. I have done juice cleanses for 1 day but 3 days is a whole other story. I signed up for a 3 day “city juice cleanse” with Joe and the Juice as I wanted to give my digestion a break while filling and boosting my body with vitamins. Moreover I wanted to challenge my own willpower.

What? I signed up for a three day “city juice detox” at Joe & The Juice and I went to one of their cafés in Copenhagen and picked up my daily juices which were freshly-made and were bottled in a cool bottle which keep the vitamins inside because it blocks the oxidation and for the light. I choose a 30 min. timeframe so the guys in the café knew what time to have the juices ready for my pick-up. I got four different juices everyday and a bottle of oil. The juices are numbered and named and states the ingredients in each bottle so you are fully guided. The oil is suppose to be added to every juice, followed by a  shake and then drink it. The oil helps the body assimilate all the healthy nutritions from the fruits and veggies. Everything went quite easy as I only needed to show up once a day in one of the Joe & The Juice cafes to get my daily juices. Alongside the juices I was allowed to drink water and tea, and water with lemon (a real liquid party).
After my three days I returned all the bottles and I was proud of surviving the juice cleanse without cheating and I was pretty happy to order a sandwich.

My experience: When beginning my juice cleanse, which was on a Monday, I was very determined and strong in my opinion about doing the cleanse, which helped me a lot during my three day juice journey.

DAY 1: The four juices on the first day consists only of juices, no smoothies. I remember the first juice, named “Morning Sun”, tasted soooo delicious and I thought that all of them would be that tasty but that changed. Juice 2 and 3 was fine and I managed to survive the day without having too much work to do. I went to my gym in the evening and signed up for a 1 hour hot yoga class which went well. After my class I went home and drank a lot of water. Then I opened the fridge and the last juice of the day was waiting for me. I turned on for the TV I was prepared to enjoy a good movie with a juice but the 4th juice was a green juice, or I mean one of the really healthy ones, which did not really satisfy me but I was proud of finishing my first day and I did not thought it was that tuff. I did not even feel tired, lacked energy or had a headache. I woke up at 8AM and went to bed at 1AM.

DAY 2: I woke up and went straight to Joe & The Juice to get my four new juices before going to university. The first juice “Peas of mind twist” consisted of a half avocado, celery, lemon, kale, and apple, which filled up my stomach more than the previous day due to the avocado. I was studying for about seven hours and I had a bit of a hard time concentrating as I felt that I needed some energy. I drank a lot of tea to fill my body with something else than water. The following two juices was primarily tasty veggie juices but they did not give me enough energy to focus. In the evening I went to 1 hour hot yoga class again and then home and enjoyed the last juice of the day which had some banana in it, which was tasty and a bit sweet. I did still not have any headache but I was really tired during the day and lacked some concentration to work. I woke up at 8AM and went to bed at 1AM.

DAY 3: When I woke up I remember thinking that I was happy that this was my last day. I went to my Joe & The Juice cafe and picked up my last four juices. I remember being hungry that day and still with a lack of energy. The two previous days I was well organized and drank the juices spread out with a 3-4 hour gap in between the juices but today was not good. I drank the first two juices within the first 4 hours and I tried to drink a lot of water and tea but I was still struggling with the energy. I was studying for 7 hours and I had a quite hard time concentrating. Therefore I made a decision to cheat, but not fully cheat, so I went to Joe & The Juice and got myself one more juice. I chose the “heartbeat” juice which helped me stay more focused. I felt that my body needed more energy and one of the guys working at Joe & The Juice told me to get one more juice. In the evening I attend a 1 hour hot yoga class again and in the evening I drink my last juice which actually was a smoothie “Re-Build” consisting of almond milk, banana, avocado and rice protein. This smoothie filled up my stomach and I felt much better after drinking it. Again today, I did not have any headache or other sufferings only lack of energy level and it was challenging to stay 100% focused on studying. I woke up at 8AM and went to bed at 11PM.

Overall: Overall it was a fun and healthy challenge and I will do it again in maybe 4 months or so to cleanse my body from all the dirt we eat and drink. Personally I felt really proud and strong after completing it and having the full determination and not getting tempted by other things. Moreover I believe it is good to let the digestion have a break and to be filled with vitamins and also to challenge your own willpower. It was a challenging journey but it was not so tuff to make me not do it again. My stomach and body felt great and I got the flattest stomach ever. I felt strong both mentally and physically during the three days. Doing hot yoga was great and a perfect time killer but doing more challenging exercises would not have been possible for me. Day 1 was the easiest day and day 2 was the worst and day 3 you just want to get over. The following day I thought I would be waking up and running to the kitchen to prepare myself some breakfast but actually I did not even feel hungry when I woke up. My stomach have gotten use to the juices and this is just an example of how little it takes to get your body use to a new routine. Well, after enjoying my first coffee, which I believe was the hardest thing to avoid, I made two hard boiled eggs with some smoked salmon and avocado on the side. And a croissant to treat myself. After a few bites my stomach felt full and during that day I did not eat the same amount like normally.

Recommendations: I would not recommend you to take the three day cleanse if you have to stay fully focused or have to highly perform. But besides that you have no excuse. Maybe do the cleanse with a friend at the same time so you can motivate each other and have a “Juice-cleanse-partner-in-crime”.

Click here to read more about the Joe & The Juice City Detox Cleanse and to see which cafés offers the juice cleanse.

joe and the juice, detox, juice cleanse, health, tommy hilfiger, fashion, chanel, denim, joejuiceJuice up…

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetAbove I am drinking my “cheating” juice… a “heartbeat juice” which is my favorite juice both due to the ingredients but also due to the beautiful color.

I feell clean and full of new energy after my three days.

joe and the juice, detox, juice cleanse, health, tommy hilfiger, fashion, chanel, denim, joejuice


Good luck with your juice cleanse. 


Julie and the Juice

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