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beauty, fashion, beauty essentials, badeanstalten, tromborg, deodorant, kerastase, mario based, face scrub, beauty pacific, serum, density, jurlique, body oil, , model, smileI love beauty products and I spend a lot of time in my bathroom to creme up, cleanse, mask up and more. I care how my bathroom looks and how my products are lined up and look pretty on the shelves. My boyfriend make fun of me about how much I care about it but at the same time he actually thinks it pretty cool that I care for it. He can even study me while I but my cremes, serums and more on my skin because he says that he can see how much I enjoy it. And I really DO enjoy it. How amazing is it that products really makes a different and you can see or feel it?! I think its amazing and I strive for the best products that suits my skin.

Therefore I have made a list of 10 beauty products that I can highly recommend:



beauty, fashion, beauty essentials, badeanstalten, tromborg, deodorant, kerastase, mario based, face scrub, beauty pacific, serum, density, jurlique, body oil, 1. Magic Stripes // This mask is amazing and fun to use. You put a glove on each hand and massage it. Wait for about 20 min. and your hans will feel like baby hands. Click here Corpus Paradoxe Body Oil.2. Beauté Pacifique // Body oil which smells fresh and is anti-aging for your skin – You body will thank you for this oil – click hereBotanical Exfoliating Scrub -3. Mario Badescu // Exfoliating scrub for your face. I use it in the shower with a little bit of water and then I scrub my face softly and rinse it off with water. You feel a big difference in softness of your skin, also just after one time – click hereunnamed-14. Kérastase // This new line from Kérastase, Densifique is concentrated on hair density. This hair conditioner smells amazing of combination of wood and jasmine and will with time increase the density of you hair while soften it as the goal of the conditioner. unnamed-25. Kérastase // In the same Kérastase Densifique collection as above consists a hair fullness program, where there are 30 ampuls for 30 days program. You take on ampul in the evening in the scalp and massage it. The aim and concentration is to increase hair density and fullness. I have quite thin hair and wish to get thicker hair so I am on this hair program at the moment and excited to see the result. 3225fc7f77eb2cf728a63003208b639d6. Tromborg // The fantastic Danish beauty and skin care brand, Tromborg has created this serum which I apply morning and evening just after cleaning my skin and applying tonic water. The serum reduce wrinkles, minimize pores and give skin a new radiance. Click heree790357e213b441c973426a7a14dd1d67. Tromborg // I use this herbal deodorant from Tromborg, which keep my sweat away. It is anti-perspirant with a high concentration of organic herbs. Click here
032752_scrub_agurk_275g8. Badeanstalten // Scrub scrub and more scrub. This scrub from Badeanstalten will smoothen you skin and leave a smell of cucumber and mint. Click hereJurlique_50ml_Antioxidant-Face-Oil_300..9. Jurlique // I apply face oil in the evening just after serum but before my night creme. I apply only a few drops to the whole face and neck. It does not leave an oily skin but you get a glow the next day, which I love. Click hereJurlique_CitrusHandCream_40ml_180dkk10. Jurlique // Keep soft hands at all times. It is important to have nice and soft hands. We use our hands all the time during the day and they need some care, especially during winter season. Click here

vitaviva, multivitamins, oil, beauty booster, acai, c vitamin, e vitamin, d vitamin11. Vita Viva – I boost my hair, nails and skin with “Beauty Booster” from Vita Viva, which I love. I have used it for several months now, and I can see a huge difference; my hair is thicker, my nails are stronger and my skin is glowing. Click here


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