Workout day 3

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It is time for the 3 day workout. How are the two other workouts going (DAY 1 & DAY 2) I am still having a hard time with some of the exercises but my trainer, Cecilie Blaksted / Simplyfit who made the training program says that it has to be challenging but it is not about rushing into the exercises. The exercises needs to be done properly and not as fast as possible, which makes it more technical. I can see after some weeks doing this program that I have become stronger and much better to the exercises (luckily) and I hope it will do the same to you.

Picture above is taken during a training session to launch the newest collection of Adidas Stella Sport 

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It is time to hit the gym, also if you are the only one at the gym – then make yourself comfortable and enjoy that nobody is watching you.

Here is your workout – have some fun and sweat it all out: (Google the exercises if you do not know them)

DAY 3:
Light Warm-up
10 minutes (run/eliptical/sjipping)
1 minute breaks between sets
Leg press (3×30) (around 40kg)
Stability ball leg curl (3×15) (keep hip up)
Bodyweight hip abduction (3×20 each leg)
? Keep upper body on the ground, and the hips in place
Cable Pull Overhand grip (sit straight!) (3×15)
Hyperextension (3×15)
Chin-ups (3×6 slowly down)
Barbell thruster (3×15)
Dumbell Row (bent over neutral grip) (3×15)
Stretching and foam roller

Get fit and sporty!


Julie Pallesen

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