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When taking care for your body and skin you also need to consider which vitamins and minerals you need. I get a lot of my vitamins through my food but that is not enough. Therefore I need to boost my body so it becomes stronger and can manage the daily stress and pressure. I am always on “the-go” and travel a lot, work a lot with both the modelling and my blog, and with my master degree where I am currently in the phase of writing my master thesis. All this can cause both stress and a weak body if I do not take care of my self. Therefore working out is an essential part of my life because it helps me increase my energy level, I become stronger mentally and physically, and I even enjoy it. As an extension to working out and eating 80% healthy I take vitamins every day. Vitamins boost my body from the inside and below are the vitamins which I am currently taking :

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vitaviva, multivitamins, oil, beauty booster, acai, c vitamin, e vitamin, d vitamin1. VITAVIA Multivitamin
vitavivacious_c_booster_12. VITVIVA Vitamin C Booster vitamin_d3 3. VITAVIVA VITAMIN D-3vitavivacious_3_in_1_booster4. VITAVIVA BEAUTY BOOSTERvitaviva_pack_08985. VITAVIVA BRAZILIAN BURN WITH ACAI


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