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I want to share some of my masks and scrub that my skin appreciate and smoothens it out. It is important to scrub your skin because it get rid of all the small dirt lying on your skin, which we by among of other factors get from living in the city, like I do, because of pollution and bacterias. Therefore I use scrubs to peel it off and then my skin can recover:

  1. Mario Badescu – Botanical Exfoliating Scrub (click here): Is a scrub with a creamy/gel-ish texture that contains ginger, green tea, aloe vera, coconut and more. I apply the scrub with a little bit of water and massage it in to my skin. Then I leave it on for five-ten minutes depending on how much time I have (ten minutes gives the best result) and then I rinse it of with water and then my face is absolutely smoooooooth!
  2. Biotherm Wonder Mud (click here): Is a mud mask that I use to minimize the pores and give a brightness to the skin. I apply the mud mask for only three minutes and then I rinse it of with water and a towel. I use it once-twice a week.
  3. Body Blenz Coconut Delight (click here): is an amazing scrub I have used to my whole body. I apply it in the shower and just scrub it all over; legs, arms, stomach, chest, and as much of my back as I can reach. It is a bit hard to apply without creating a scrub mess in the shower but then I just use the water to clean it. After leaving the scrub on my body for about five minutes I rinse it off and voila, my skin is smooth like a baby.

I hope you got some inspiration for your next investment in beauty products for your next spa day!


Julie Pallesen

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