My Tromborg mask routine

tromborg, tromborg beauty, beauty, exfoliating, multi vitamin mask, scrubAs you might have noticed, due to my many posts about beauty products and masks, that I am a huge fan of masks. I enjoy applying them to my face and the fact that I can see a huge different afterwards just makes me excited using them even more frequently. One of my favorite beauty and skincare brands is Tromborg! Tromborg have three different masks which I want to tell you about how I use them in my spa routines.
The three different masks are:

  1. Tromborg Multi Vitamin facial mask (link) – first, the smell of this mask is unbelievable! Its fresh and sweet at the same time, which just makes you want to taste it (of course I have not done that but you know what I mean). I use this multivitamin mask after cleaning my skin with a cleansing lotion so muy skin is clean. Then I apply this mask all over my face and neck, avoiding the eye area. It has a gel-texture which is very soft and easy to use. After applying you have a gel-shiny face, which you have for about 10 min. and then you rinse of with water. I like the water to be a little bit warm and then I rinse it off with a little towel. Afterwards your skin is glowing and you feel fresh and moisturized. I use this mask twice a week.
  2. Tromborg Mud Mask mineral-rich (link) – this mask is especially good for sensitive skin, like mine. The mud has an amazing content of minerals and trace elements with anti-bacterial and cleansing qualities. The clay has a thick and sticky texture but easy to apply. Remember to take your hair up in a ponytail so your hair does not get in the way of the mud-mess you are about to create. The mud has a grey-blue-isa colors and you apply it all over face and neck, again avoiding eye areas. I actually also but this mud mask on my chest. After applying you wait… and you wait more… you wait for about 10 min. until you feel that they clay is not soft and smooth on your skin anymore. The clay become firm. First then you rinse it off. I like to take a shower when rinsing this mask off – just to make it easier and not to messy. Afterwards your skin is left soft and smooth and ready to put on some night creme and then ready to bed. I use this mask once of twice a week.
  3. Tromborg Exfoliating scrub-mask (link) – this mask is an exfoliating mask removes impurities and dead skin cells, giving an in-depth cleansing action. Feeding skin with essential vitamins and new energy.  It exfoliates and gently peel the skin. It contains apricot kernels, almond kernels and macadamia nut kernels among other ingredients.When applying I massage it into the skin and exfoliate, very gentle. I use this to my face and neck and again, avoiding eye area. After massaging I leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing it off. My skin is left much softer and smoother than before. I use this mask once to twice a week.


Get masked up!




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