Master Thesis Survival Guide

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetI have made it so far but it still feels quite far from the finishing line. My master thesis is literally taking all my energy and my life is focus on this thesis. My hand-in date is the 17th May and my own deadline to have the master thesis done is on the 2nd May. Then I have two weeks to proof-read it and make sure everything perfect or at least as good as it can get.

Because this thesis is taking all my time and you are might even your self writing your master thesis or have other exams coming up I have made some tips for how we can get through this period as smooth as possible:



We need it. A kick start of the day and in the afternoon.


guarana, vitaviva

Guarana Extract

Guarana is an energy booster and filled with caffeine. It will keep you awake and focused to study.

master thesisWorkout

Maybe you do not think about working out with you study but it is an efficient break to sweat everything out. You can either go for a run, a yoga class or hit the gym for 1 hour. You will get new energy and new thoughts on your study.

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A good snack is chocolate – and the raw version of it. Raw chocolate is rich on antioxidants and tastes good – especially if you need something sweet while studying.

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Acai Bowl

The perfect way to start your morning. Acai is rich on antioxidants, give your energy and burns fat. Start your morning with an acai bowl from Raw 42 or make one yourself.

Good luck! and wish me luck!


Julie Pallesen

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