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I have been a blogger for a bit more than two years and I am truly grateful for all the sweet and positive messages and feedback that I receive. I started my blog as an inspirational platform about a healthy and fashionable lifestyle. My intention was to make people set goals, work hard, travel around the world and discover all the amazing things that’s out there. And moreover to stay humble and be postive. All this together is “This Way” and my aim is to grow bigger and spread my word.

Below is my story about who I am and what my story is…

I am a fashion-passionated person and started collecting Vogue magazines as 12-year old and since then I always knew I wanted to be a part of the fashion world but things in life happens and you cannot stop them ? embrace it and give it a positive meaning.

My traveling journey started when I finished high school in my hometown Copenhagen I moved to Paris to pursue my dream. The dream of becoming a professional dancer and be fluent in French. The dancing did not turn out as suppose to due to getting an injury in my leg. After my accident I started modeling with the intentions of just doing it for a couple of months. Now six years later I am still modeling. I have learned that things in life are unpredictable and there is a deeper meaning when things happen ? we have to fight for our passion and accept the outcome.

After living in Paris for almost one year I moved to Athens, then Milan, South Korea, Tel Aviv, and other cities. Traveling became part of my lifestyle and I am addicted to it. Then I decided to stimulate my brain differently, so I signed up at university, Copenhagen Business School. While studying I worked as fashion assistant at the Danish fashion magazine, Eurowoman. I also went to Barcelona for a summer fashion internship. Further I have studied several fashion courses at London College of Fashion.
After my undergraduate I got hired at the world leading fashion pr agency, KCD WorldWide in London. Here I was responsible for PR, production and coordination of fashion brands and fashion shows. I worked for London Fashion Week in June 2014, September 2014 and for the Victoria?s Secret Fashion Show in December 2014.

I am currently studying my second year of my master degree in communication at Copenhagen Business School and I will graduate in summer 2016, which I cannot wait for. I am not an typical business student. I have always been this kind of person who like to do things differently and more importantly, do them in my own way (This Way). Studying to me means a lot of reading, digging into theories and understanding theoretical perspective and developing a critical stand point. I travel and work a lot and I am not attending all classes, if any. I do what I can to attend my classes but because I work abroad is it not possible but I take all my exams and I will complete my degree on minimal time. Through the studying I have learned to be disciplined and stay focused on my study while being abroad. The discipline of staying focused is something I use everyday ? you need to stay connected and focused in everything you do. I am never on vacation even though my pictures on Instagram and on my blog looks like that because I always have an exam ahead of me.
Further I work as a model (or maybe ?performer? is a better word?) where Scoop Models is my mother agency and I am signed with modeling agencies all over the world.
I have many projects I am working on at the same time. I get restless and bored if I have to wait for one thing at the time, which is why blogging is a perfect way for me to always stay busy, and I really enjoy blogging. Every post I make have thoughts and intentions behind it. Nothing is random.



Julie Pallesen

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