IMG_3280Today is a BIG day and I mean ‘big’ as in “this is a day that I will always remember”. I have been struggling with my master thesis since end of January while working on my blog and modeling. I have been attending New York fashion week, traveling to Paris and London for work, and been to Dubai and Marrakech for short breaks. All this has ended up being a really stressfull period for me and I had doubt about how my body and health could manage all this. I went to a lot of yoga classes and I meditate from time to time and I really see the difference it does to my body and mind. I have not been sleeping properly for the last 4 months as I have been working 24/7 on either thesis, modeling or blogging and besides that I found some time to my friends and family but that was really the minimum of time. I had to prioritize and focus on myself and my master thesis in order to get through this and now I can see the light by the end of the tunnel. I mean….. it is almost freedom. I have been studying at Copenhagen Business School for the past five years while doing all my other jobs and travels and soon I am FREE!

I have just handed in my thesis and next time I will enter the buildings of Copenhagen Business School is when I have to defend my thesis in about 4-6 weeks times and then I am officially done and I write a master in communication on my resume. To be honest, I am really proud. I have been working hard for this. Even though I post pictures where I smile and everything is great that does not mean that I have not been through hell. Studying like a maniac, working like a workaholic, and not sleeping much is not healthy. But I knew that this was a period that I just needed to get through I am almost there.

Tomorrow I am traveling to London for three weeks where I have been booked for modeling jobs for Burberry, which I am pretty excited about. I am satisfied and grateful to hand-in my thesis and have a three weeks working break in London with some fun sparetime.


Soon to be master 


Julie Pallesen

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